My quest for time freedom

April 30, 2013

Time is a fascinating thing. It’s the one thing you have an absolute finite amount of and you can never have more of.

You can always make more money, buy more land, grow more vegetables, buy more servers, write more words, play more shows, drive more miles.

But you can never have more time.

As a result, you have to carefully dole out your limited time to the various activities, people, and situations that wish to occupy it. It’s a matter of priority, really.

At the moment, I’m struggling to find regular time every day/week to exercise. I know it makes me feel good, and I know it will help me stay healthier, but it hasn’t gained enough priority to knock out other occupiers of my time, like spending time with my wife and son, or working on my startup. I’m working on moving it up the priority list while (hopefully) not letting anything else suffer.

I used to have two big goals I was working toward: time freedom and financial freedom.

Time freedom is the ability to not have to abide by a set schedule of weekdays/weekends. Go on vacation whenever you want, go to the park with your kid whenever you want, etc.

Financial freedom is the ability to never have to worry about money (and therefore working for money) ever again.

My big goal now is financial freedom, because I realized time freedom automatically comes with financial freedom. For most of us, a lot of our limited time is dedicated to working to make money somehow. Remove the need to work to make money, and all of a sudden you have a lot more free time.

While I can never have more time, this will at least maximize my use of the time I do have available.

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