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Build Your Own Custom Defender

There’s no shortage of vintage 4X4s on the market right now, with a serious aftermarket helping you build the truck of your dreams. But for a truly vintage experience, there’s nothing like a Land Rover Defender.

Can you drift a Defender?

The boxy design hints at the SUV’s history while looking thoroughly modern, while the interior carries a premium yet decidedly rugged aesthetic that combines the Defender’s heritage with Land Rover’s current design language. It’s a combination that works well, giving the SUV an authentic look while also offering modern features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

It’s hard to argue with the Defender’s off-road capabilities, but that doesn’t mean it lacks on-road performance or steering precision. The vehicle drives and handles much like a luxury SUV, making it easy to drive in the city or on the highway. Learn more : ecdautodesign.com

Himalaya Automotive Design

Himalaya, which is based in both the U.S. and the U.K., is reimagining the Land Rover Defender as an American Spec (NAS) truck that’s more powerful and better built than what you’d find at the factory. Their goal is to produce a more refined and more exciting version of the Defender that can be driven on the street with ease, while still being able to tackle the roughest terrain in the world.

Their builds range from beefed-up, lux-out Defenders to overlanding-ready trophy trucks. Their design concierge team works with each customer to make sure everything is exactly how they want it. They’ve even gone as far as to build a Defender with an electric powertrain made from Tesla parts.

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