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Mandeville Conservatory of Music – Violin Lessons For Beginners and Advanced Students

violin lessons in Singapore

Violin school of all ages will benefit from learning the violin. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, the right violin lessons in Singapore will allow you to progress at your own pace and reach your musical goals.

The best violin teachers in Singapore can make a world of difference for any musician. They are knowledgeable and trained in assessing each individual’s unique learning style and ability. They are also able to adapt their teaching techniques based on the desired learning outcomes of their students.

Founded by two former Singapore Symphony Orchestra musicians, Mandeville Conservatory of Music is a premier music school that offers a conducive environment for beginners to adults to develop their passion and confidence in playing the violin. Their teaching philosophy is centered on critical thinking, developing an ear for harmony and building a solid foundation for mastery of the instrument through a carefully curated progression of etudes, concerti, showpieces and sonatas.

Advanced Techniques to Master in Violin Lessons in Singapore

For those who are just beginning their journey, they can start with an introductory class. During this course, the young learner will be exposed to basic foundations such as note-reading, posture skills, and solo performance.

They will also be able to cultivate good musical habits and have a positive attitude towards music. This can be a lifelong pursuit and it is important to start early!

For those who are more advanced, they can opt to take up private lessons from an experienced violin teacher. This will allow them to receive personalised attention, and personalized progress can be monitored. It can be a more effective way of learning than joining a group class.

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