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Types of Procedures and Treatments Performed by an Oral Surgeon

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An oral surgeon kelowna can perform a wide range of procedures and will provide you with personalized treatment based on your specific needs. The different procedures performed in oral surgery are also categorized according to their medical needs. Listed below are some of the most common procedures and treatments performed by an oral surgeon. To learn more about these procedures, please visit the website of the Kelowna oral surgeon. Read reviews from actual patients and see what they think.

Dentist Is Capable Of Performing Simple Procedures

Kelowna dentists specialize in different types of procedures, including removal of teeth, root canals, and detection of abnormal growth. The services provided by Kelowna dental specialists include extraction of teeth, root canals, and bone grafting. General dentists can also refer you to a dental specialist. The following types of dental specialists are listed below. For more information, you can also view the list of dental companies and specialists in Kelowna.

An oral surgeon specializes in all types of dental surgery. These procedures range from simple tooth extractions to complex surgeries. They can also treat various diseases or conditions of the jaws, including cleft lips, facial injuries, and facial cancer. The oral surgeons in Kelowna can also help you get dental implants if you are missing teeth or have had a recent accident that caused you to experience a facial deformity.

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