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Why Choose Virtual Server Hosting?

Virtual server hosting, or VPS, allows users to run and manage their websites as if they were on a dedicated server. This hybrid solution is ideal for businesses that need to configure and manage their sites independently, with better performance and scalability than shared hosting, but at a lower cost.

What is a VPS?

A VPS is a software-based virtualization solution that divides a physical server into multiple fully isolated virtual servers, each running a separate operating system (OS). This emulates dedicated hardware and provides greater resource control than physical servers.

Virtual Server Hosting: Understanding the Basics and Finding the Right Provider

In addition to reducing data center maintenance costs and simplifying server management, virtualization increases IT productivity and efficiency. It also reduces downtime and eliminates or minimizes disaster recovery and business continuity risks.


With VPS, you are allocated your own bandwidth and memory resources, which is a much higher scalability level than with shared hosting. This means your website is less likely to hog up the server’s resources, which can lead to poor performance.


One of the most important features of VPS hosting is that each instance is isolated from the other environments on the server. This can help to prevent denial of service attacks from bringing down another company’s data and websites, a common issue with shared hosting.

In addition to the security benefits, VPS hosting is typically faster and more reliable than shared hosting. This is especially true if you’re running a game server or other resource-heavy website.

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