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XAMarin Developer

Need Xamarin Developer, for Effective Mobile Application Team. NOTE: Must have prior experience in Mobile Application Development or equivalent. Must have minimum of 2 years experience. Purchase Option available. Attractive joining bonus for early joiners. Additional role & responsibilities: Xamarin Developer (upon acceptance) Xamarin Forms, C. Net – Useful website

XAMarin Forms – Mobile Development Made Easy

Xamarin WebPanel – Develops an enterprise-class Mobile and Web application from the ground up. Create rich user experiences for mobile devices and the web, while leveraging web technologies such as XML, Java, PHP, JavaScript and Flash, to name a few. Create unique websites that can be operated on any platform. Cross-platform Mobile and Web applications can run across iOS and Android mobile devices. Efficient cross-platform GUI with drag-and-drop functionality, making development fast and cost-effective.

In addition, Xamarin web development consists of tools and libraries that make developing XAMarin applications quick and easy. With a single programming syntax, there is a uniform method of designing user interfaces, which can be extended with additional modules. All required tools are provided along with a rich set of library, which allows for advanced customizations. XAMarin provides a number of popular tools and widgets such as: Xinerama, Guice, Magneto, and many more. XAMarin also offers full support for Windows Phone, Android and Symbian operating systems.

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